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To get an estimate of the total cost you can use our online calculator or do it yourself using our guide here.

Pricing Your Total Price By Yourself

To get your total price, find the total square footage (Sq. Ft.) you need.

EX: 5 ft x 9 ft area = (9 x 5 ) Sq. Ft. = 45 Sq. Ft.
64 inches x 45 inches = 2880 sq. inch.
(To convert sq. inch to sq. ft., divide by 144)
(2880 sq. inch.)/ 144 = 20 Sq. Ft.

If there is more than one area, add all the areas together to get the Total Sq. Ft. For accuracy, round to two decimal places.

Then multiply your Total Sq. Ft. times the Price per Sq. Ft. written under the tile you want.
EX: ($1.30 per Sq. Ft.) X (45 Sq. Ft.) = $58.5